Currently the PCRA supports four repeaters in Pitt County.


145.350 CTCSS 131.8

The 35 machine is a Kenwood TKR 720 50 watt repeater which as been turned back to 25 watts to allow for full duty cycle. This repeater is on loan from the Columbia Emergency Repeater Association until funding is raised to replace it. The Brains of the whole system is an RLC 3 controller that will command eight repeaters or link radios. We currently have four of those ports in use. Also the DVR 1 will allow for up to 35 minutes of recorded audio which can be used for mail boxes or announcements.

Most repeaters have two sets of these on for each repeater. Our system uses three antennas, one for receive and two for transmit. Two cans are tuned for 144.75 and one for 145.350. Another two are tuned for 147.690 and one for 147.090. This way we could save money and space and still get the results we needed. Credit goes to Danny Hampton K4ITL for this setup.


147.090  CTCSS 131.8

The 09 machine is a Kenwood TKR 750 50 watt repeater which as been turned back to 25 watts to allow for full duty cycle.


444.625 CTCSS 131.8

This repeater is at Pitt Community College and provides campus coverage for the K4PCC club and its members. The repeater is open to all operators.



444.800 CC 1

The original 444.800MHz repeater was built by Macon Dail, WB4PMQ and Gary Ambert, AI4J in 1983. It resided at the top of Tyler Dorm on the ECU campus with the antenna center of radiation at 140′ AGL. It was moved to the WNCT-TV studios in the back of Wayne Ross’ truck in 1994. The original antenna location on the WNCT-TV tower was 250′ AGL. The original antenna on the WNCT-TV tower was a commercial fiber glass type which worked well until it failed due to water migration into the antenna. In order to improve coverage and antenna reliability, a new 8 bay DB products dipole array was purchased and installed in 1999. Its center or radiation is 310′ AGL. The repeater was scratch built from Hamtronics RF modules and incorporates a controller based on a QST article published a few years ago. The power amplifier and duplexer were manufactured by Motorola. The power output of the repeater is approximately 60 watts which includes duplexer and circulator losses. A gasfet preamplifier ahead of the receiver provides excellent sensitivity with high immunity to overload.